The role of Guidance within QAHS

The Guidance department is divided into three houses with allocated Guidance teachers in each house. Guidance teachers are responsible for the academic, pastoral and vocational care of the pupils within their caseloads. This department acts as a first point of contact for pupils and parents alike who are concerned about their progress or care and welfare within Queen Anne High School.

The Guidance team works closely with other departments, parents and external agencies to ensure that all pupils are safe, happy and achieving their potential. By encouraging our pupils to access a broad general secondary education we can provide them with academic and social skills, enabling them to become confident individuals, responsible citizens, effective contributors and successful learners.


Guidance  Staff



Mr C Fraser (Physics)





Mrs F Cowieson (Mod Langs)



Miss Reid (Physical Education – Acting)




Mrs P Davie (Mod Langs)




Miss K Bennett (Physical Education)







Mrs Y Logan (Maths)





Mr C Masson (Pupil Support – Acting)